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Do you wish you had a vegetable garden, but don’t have the time or skills to do it all yourself? Delicious Dirt Designs can help create the garden of your dreams! Using only hand tools, organic and ecologically integrated practices, we will work hard to provide you with the most nutritious harvest, on a scale that is appropriate for you.


Another piece of our work with plants is making remedies with them. Be it a tincture, elixir, tea or salve, everything is hand crafted with the best local ingredients, to ensure the finest quality. Whenever possible, we use organically grown and harvested herbs from our own garden. For more information on Delicious Dirt products and where to buy them check out our Herbal Remedies.



“Ally was fantastic to work with. This is my first time trying a nettles tincture for seasonal allergies. The quality of this tincture was top of the line.” – Lucie C.

“Ally’s shop was truly a lucky find! I was blown away by the presentation and care.” – Natacha J.

“This (smoking) blend was soothing and uplifting. I enjoy it even as a tea. Perfectly formulated for what I was looking for.”- Becca K.

“All of the items were wonderful! Not only are the products awesome, but I love that I am supporting local farmers (in New England) and a skilled artisan/herbalist.” – Josh F.



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