Delicious Dirt

edible gardens | herbal remedies


Delicious Dirt Designs

We collaborate, build, and help care for ecological, edible, purposeful gardens for people and their communities. Delicious Dirt implements permaculture design principles and whole systems thinking to our work. We use low impact, ecological and organic gardening practices to help decrease harmful pollution and increase healthy integration with the earth.

We are dedicated to creating accessible, vibrantly diverse gardens for everybody.  In addition to affordable rates, we offer sliding scale payment and barter / trade options. We use the model of a sliding scale so that folks with a range of financial access can receive these services. If you are able to pay at the top of the scale, it creates more opportunity for us to provide free or low-cost services to those in need.

Delicious Dirt Apothecary

Our apothecary is grounded in empowering people through providing alternative herbal support that is effective and accessible. Plant medicine has the ability to support, nourish, and heal people. We believe they are an integral part of healthy living.

Similar to our design and garden work, we offer sliding scale payment, as well as barter / trade options for all remedies. If you are interested in learning more, please send an email to


Art by Elena Stonaker


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