Delicious Dirt

edible gardens | herbal remedies

Garden Services & Projects

We can do all or just pieces of the following for you:

At Your Home

We co-create beautiful custom garden designs that take your site needs and aesthetic interests into account. We provide consultation, evaluation, design, construction and/or planting services for your home garden. We also offer garden maintenance throughout the year, including soil testing, fertilization, weeding, pruning, staking, organic pest control, harvesting and putting the “garden to bed”.

At Your School

A garden is a classroom for science, math, art, history, and more! We can work together with teachers and administrators to install beautiful educational gardens that integrate the curriculum with the seasons and cycles of life in the garden.

At Your Work

Research has shown that gardening can lower blood pressure, cut the effects of chronic fatigue, enhance mood and improve concentration. Delicious Dirt can help design and construct a garden, provide workshops for your employees, and/or grow food for an on-site farm stand or your local food pantry.

Produce for People

Fresh food accessibility is a major part of our mission. In addition to donating fresh produce to folks in need, we invite all of the people we work with to consider sharing a portion of their garden with a local charity, shelter, food pantry, and neighbors.

Forms of Payment

Garden design and construction is priced on a sliding-scale or bartering basis; based on time, materials, and personal means.


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