Delicious Dirt

edible gardens | herbal remedies

Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod #1

Skinner Residence


preparing and measuring dimensions for raised beds

building six custom-sized raised beds- two rectangular beds & four triangular beds

laying down the path foundation with black cloth, sand and pebbles

structural foundation completed

The sheet-mulching method is to layer sources of carbon and nitrogen on top of each other for healthy soil building. For example, layering cardboard, compost, newspaper, grass clippings and soil.

filling in the beds

“put to bed” for the winter – unseeded hay provides warmth for the soil and all it’s micro-organisms

Freshly planted for the spring season – beds are filled with peas, swiss chard, carrots, potatoes, chives, bok choy, radishes, turnips… just to name a few!

young elderberry, aronia berry, goumi berry, and blueberry- adding a shrub layer to the forest garden

a beautiful addition

potatoes are abudant, as are the turnips, radishes, tomatoes and strawberries.

goumi berry doing very well

newest addition to the forest garden understory- sea berry!

dwarf peach tree

hardy fig tree!

the beginning of a not only a hardy but also fruiting passionflower!


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